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Following Barakat London and Los Angeles, Seoul was specifically selected as to launch the Barakat Seoul Gallery. By choosing Seoul, a modern city of profound history and dynamic future, the Barakat Gallery, an institution with 150 years of tradition, takes a step further in realizing its vision of creating a new future that integrates ancient art to contemporary times. The Barakat Gallery is proud to possess one of the world’s finest collections of ancient art, with more than 40,000 supreme quality artworks from different periods and countries.

Barakat Seoul has managed to create a unique exhibition space through which to exhibit the Barakat Collection of both ancient and contemporary art. 

The Ancient Art Gallery is dedicated in sharing its immense treasures of ancient art, and advocates a fresh concept of collecting through which one shares the beauty of ancient art and the passion for history in grandiose yet sophisticated surroundings.

The Contemporary Art Gallery shares experimental exhibitions of contemporary art as Barakat Seoul pursues artistic diversity and new interpretations by embracing the future through the past, based on the present.

Finally, the Barakat Gallery over embracing numbers of intercultural collaborations, seeks to advance and progress further by generating creative values in unison with its audience.

History of Barakat Gallery

Continuing 150 years of tradition, Barakat Gallery proudly boasts the largest collection of ancient art in the world that are of museum quality. Currently established in four of the world’s most significant metropolis, London, Los Angeles, Seoul, and Hong Kong, the foundation of the Barakat Collection traces its origins back to 1860, with a number of religious antiquities assembled in Jerusalem. Following five generations of sophisticated collectors, the collection has expanded in times and regions, encompassing today a number of masterpieces from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, China and the Islamic world, from Africa and Pre-Columbian America. Confirming the family’s passion for its devotion to ancient art, the Barakat collection is impressive not simply because of its considerable scale but mostly for including art of the highest quality, aesthetics and rarity, aiming further with the noble objective of reinventing historical meaning. Through its collaborations with other prominent museums worldwide, the Barakat Gallery is committed in sharing the aesthetic and moral values of beauty and quality in ancient art and to largely contribute to the approach of archaeology, culture and art.

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Fayez Barakat

Fayez Barakat (b.1949), one of the world's most distinguished and prominent collectors of ancient art, was educated in the USA. He is currently the CEO of Barakat Inc. and manages to distribute his time between his galleries in London, LA, Hong Kong, and Seoul, and works on his great passion, painting.

Fayez Barakat's paintings are explosive variations of colors and forms, independent from the conventions of specific cultures, historic periods and trends, charged with a bold energy that openly and without any hesitation embraces and promotes an aesthetic identity through a unique artistic diversity. Being a prolific artist, a vast quantity of his paintings adopt multiple and various techniques rather than sticking to one specific style, his work has the nature of a disciplined practice that drives him as an artist beyond his own limits. Fayez has repeatedly stated that the presence of external forces motivates him to paint, and believes that his paintings are created through his immersion in an unconscious ‘space of energy’, and that viewers of his artworks are also influenced, moved, driven and transported by the power of this energy.

A combination of the artist’s experiences in various phases of his life, through different religions and cultures, Fayez’s aesthetic world leads us to a place beyond the orthodox educational and institutional discussions, to a world that can only be reached by virtue of meditating through the body and its senses. Having created a prestigious reputation and dominated the ancient art market with his professional acumen, Fayez Barakat is presently actively captivated by his paintings. We confidently anticipate that his rich oeuvre will expand our sensorial awareness and expose us to new aesthetic levels of consciousness.



I am pleased that you are here to share with us the essence of beauty in the arts, we are happy to visually, and spiritually transport you from ancient times to the present. When we think of the great civilizations of the past, it is often their artistic achievements that spring immediately to mind. Art is often the most tangible heritage that is passed from one generation to the next. Art excites the imagination, and without that stimulus, how could civilization survive and move forward? It is with this philosophy in mind that I take great pleasure in presenting a collection of treasures from the past. These cover a broad range of history – Biblical, Egyptian, Classical, Chinese, Near Eastern, Pre-Columbian – and include artifacts from the pivotal cultures of both the old world and the new. We hope you enjoy sharing that beauty with us.